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Byron Bishop

Madison, WI

Alto-Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals, Percussion

aka "Daddy B" ... He just moved back to Madison, WI from New Orleans, LA.

Lucas Koehler

Madison, WI


Lucas Koehler is a music teacher in Madison WI. Graduated Edgewood College in 2010 with a B.S. in music business. Since 2002, Lucas has played with the Edgewood Chamber Orchestra, The Edgewood Jazz Big Band, The MATC Communtity Orchestra, The Highway to Heaven Gospel Big Band, The Jeff Personto Jazz Orchestra, The Madison Melaphonium Big Band, two years touring with Unified Soul, Nuggernaut, and was a founding member and band leader of the Weapons of Mass DeFunktion from 2007 until 2011.

Joey B Banks

Madison, WI


Larry "Pops" Underwood

Las Vegas, NV


Born 7/3/1942 in Chicago, IL. Started playing Flute in high school. Studied with his father, David W. Underwood, Sr. and James Mack at Crane Junior College and Philip Seaburg at DePaul University.

Adam Collins

New Orleans, LA


He's a 25 year old pianist who has just recently moved from South Bend, IN to New Orleans, LA. He's extremely outgoing and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys hanging out with friends and family when he's not working on music.

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